The Best Dogs That Can Become a Companion for the Elderly!

It is a good thing that there will always be a canine companion for you. If you will live an assisted living community or independent living, it will not avoid you from adopting a furry or keeping it as a family member. The Health Comm Key suggests that there will always be some considerations to ponder on adopting or keeping a pet.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are things that you will need to keep in mind that include the following:

  • Large dogs could cause injury and could jump.
  • If your dog gets ill, will get her or him to the veterinarian?
  • Are you able to do constant grooming for your dog or support it despite its health issues?
  • If it always shed off its hair, will you still be able to keep up with your housework?

List of the Best Dogs for your Golden Years

Below is the Health Comm Key’s list of the best dogs for your golden years:

  • This will always be your best choice for a companion dog. This sheds only just a little and this requires only an occasional trim. This will also want to stay close to you.
  • This can come in various sizes from miniature to giant. This is good as it is easily trained.
  • Yorkshire Terrier. This could sometimes act a bit bossy. This is an intelligent and tiny breed that makes it ideal for an apartment. This loves to interact and play with others.
  • Boston Terrier. If you want a dog that will make you the center of its world, a Boston terrier is definitely a good choice. This loves and enjoys snuggling. This is also a loving and playful breed and this does not demand special grooming.

Benefits of Having Dogs as a Companion

There are a lot of benefits that you could obtain from having dogs as a companion as suggested by the Health Comm Key:

  • Lower your Stress Level
  • Lower your Risk of Depression
  • Lower your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  • Provide companionship
  • Keep you active

Enjoy the Presence of This Furry Companion!

Life may seem boring sometimes, especially as a senior. But, say no to this boring life with the presence of your furry companion. You will for sure be happy and just seldom feel alone. You will also be grateful of the fact that there’s this little creature to hug anytime you want!